Michele Motiscause (b.1966, Pisa) is an Italian contemporary artist.
Michele Motiscause graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan, and he specialized in architectural composition with Giancarlo Leoncilli Massi, professor of architecture at the University of Florence. He studied nude composition and drawing technique at Brera Academy of Milan. Also, he enriched his artistic background working along with the Master futurist designer, Bruno Munari at the Polytechnic School of Design in Milan. More recently he devoted himself to refining the blacksmith techniques with Master Antonio Gennai.
Michele’s art represents an innovative expression of the current abstract and figurative oeuvre, mixing and challenging media to their limits. In fact, in the last 30 years Michele Motiscause’s talent and curiosity have allowed him to work with a spectrum of mediums, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry and video-art.
Michele Motiscause explores the links between space and textures and uses painting to probe at the enlightening spaces of the mind, those which are impossible to explain in colors and brushes, but which exist and materialize into the matter and the object. He creates open images available to the interpretation of the observer, a consequence of a process of deconstruction of his own internal structure carried out through the matter of painting itself and its translation into choreographic experiments and performances. He is always in quest of an ever-changing multidisciplinary approach & mind-bending installations. The artist had several international exhibitions from New York to Shanghai and his works are in established private and public collections.
Studio & Projects Director: Francesca Regni.
Exhibitions & Projects
From June 2022, Permanent Collection of selected artists at Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona
Abril 2024, Pezzi di Noia- L'Illusione della Felicità - Pieces of Boredom - The Deception of Joy Solo Show, JPS Gallllery Tokyo
 2023 Solo Show Suoni di Carta, Chiesa del Suffragio, Corinaldo - AN - Museums ' Night Marche, Italy
2022, Video Direction for the Project “Resilient Architecture Perspectives” – Thoughts and Words of BenedettaTagliabue, EMBT, Barcelona for the Italian Cultural Institute of Melbourne, Australia
2022, Michele Motiscause Solo Show in the Metaverse, curated by Tiziana Maggio | Maggio Art Consultancy - London & Francesca Regni, Studio Director
2022, Group Show, Maggio Metaverse, Maggio Art Consultancy, London
2020, Group Show, Distanza Zero - ArtInsolite, artistic director Alberto Bartalini, curated by Carlo Alberto Arzelà, Matteo Graniti, Lorenzo E. Metzler.
2019, Solo Show: I Ragazzi dalle Nuvole Pesanti, selected in Barcelona Video-Art Festival Loop, patronized by the Italian Cultural Institute of Barcelona.
2018, Solo Show: Fogli Nudi, curated by Francesca Regni, I PazziFactory Gallery, Pisa.
2017, Solo Show: Riflessioni in uno spazio (clandestino), curated by Joaquim Ruiz Millet, h2o Gallery, Barcelona.
2016, Group Show, Subjective Reality, curated by Xiulong Pan, Contemporary Art Museum, SheShan MOCA, Shanghai.
2016,Group Show, Small Works Baruch, The Sidney Mishkin Gallery, New York.
2015, Matadero, Madrid, Summa Contemporary Art Fair. Cis Art Gallery.2015, Group Show, Cis Art Gallery, with Gregori Saavedra, Antonio Caro, Yomuto, Barcelona.
2015, Group Show “Sintesi’90”, "Sons de Paper" curated by Victória Rabal, Disseny Hub Museum, Barcelona.
2001, Solo Show, “Vulbero”, Site specific artwork commissioned by The Royal Victoria Hotel, Pisa
….Credo che gli artisti non sappiano fino in fondo il perché fanno quello che fanno.
O, almeno non tutti ne sono consapevoli fino in fondo.
Penso che un artista sia la metafora di un grande contenitore
da dove entrano ed escono un'infinità di idee sentimentali.
È un’esigenza, quella di provare a fissare qualcosa di questo irrefrenabile flusso.
Molto spesso, se non quasi sempre, sono il primo spettatore dei miei lavori.
Nonostante usi vari tipi di registri narrativi, quindi estetici e tecnici, il mio
lavoro è quasi tutto basato e parte da memorie ancestrali.
Cerco dentro di me le trame nascoste di vite vissute da altri in anni lontani
e luoghi remoti. Mi piacciono le malinconie degli altri.
Provo a sentirle e ad usarle come fossero i colori di un mio quadro…
Michele Motiscause

….I believe that artists don’t really know why they do what they do.
Or at least not all of them, deep down.
I think that an artist is a metaphor for a cache
From where emotional elements come and go.
Trying to hold something of this unstoppable flux Is a need.
Very often, if not always, I am the first spectator of my works.
Even though I use different esthetical and technical narratives, 
my work is almost all rooted in ancestral memories.
I search for hidden traces of past lives in faraway places and times within me.
I love others’ melancholy.
I try to feel them and use them as if they were the colors of a painting…
Michele Motiscause
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